About Us

Fireworks Styles

Fireworks entertainment business can only offer 2 display styles:

Traditional and State of the Art

The main difference between the two is that the State of the Art style is a choreography of fireworks that “dances” to the rhythm of the selected music, resulting in an incredible show that will awe and please all your guests



At Cabo Fireworks Company as part of our high end technology, we use COBRA Wireless Firing System. In addition to technology and compliance with regulations, COBRA is used by over 2000 customers in over 70 countries for display fireworks, SPFX, and military simulations. COBRA boasts a clean safety record with no reports of system related operator injury.



We are deeply concerned about protecting the environment, we pledge to clean waste and garbage after each of our Fireworks Shows.

For this and many other reasons Cabo Fireworks Company is the best pyrotechnics company in Baja California Sur, bringing to market the best products and confident that we are well ahead of our competitors. We always have in mind the commitment of giving that spectacular touch to worry free events for your to experience with your guests.